Which hoverboard should I buy?

You may have heard about the much talked about hoverboard craze that has taken towns and cities by storm and are wondering why you should be the only odd one out without a pair. Well, you can’t be blamed for desiring to acquire this newest mode of transport which is simple to use, small and efficient. The hoverboard has 6.5″ wheels which are quite small and require expertise in using them on rougher surfaces otherwise, you can easily be thrown off balance when you venture out on uneven ground or surface. This, essentially means that high speeds on uneven surfaces are not recommended so that balance, control and user safety are maintained. The small size of the hoverboard wheels also means that their functionality around curbs or elevated surfaces is seriously hampered. An Airwheel with a much larger 11.6″ wheel can be used on uneven areas better than the hoverboard. The single wheeled Airwheel glides with ease over surfaces where the hoverboard cannot scale.

Weight issues must be put into consideration before arming yourself with one hoverboard or other. Hoverboards are not made to handle weights above the 100kg limit. You might find that they still work with a slight margin of weight above this recommended limit but get ready to experience diminished balance while using them. The better option for those with weights above the 100kg limit would would be an Airwheel which still performs excellently with weights reaching 120kg. Coming in weights of about 10kg, you can arm yourself with a good hoverboard although there could be a slight variation to this size which is highly dependent on the model or brand of hoverboard you purchase.

Most waterproof boards with an IP54 rating will only withstand water splashes and nothing else. As such you need to consider the almighty weather and consult with manufacturers before any purchase of a hoverboard is made. The Airwheel, as their manufacturers claim, are waterproof and so you can ride them even in the rain. Of course, for your own safety, riding in the rain is not recommended. This must be disappointing for the adventurous souls who like the feel of rain water trickling down the face as they cruise at mind-blowing speeds to one destination or other. Hold your horses though. Like mentioned earlier, your safety comes first.

Premium boards have speeds within the 13-17 miles bracket in comparison to the standard counterparts that have speeds of between 12 and 14 miles. Most of these boards should be able to deliver top speeds of 10mph. Airwheel speeds vary however, between 4.6miles and 24-28miles with top speeds of up to 12mph. These are standard estimates of speeds for these two types of hoverboards which may vary slightly for people who weigh more as mentioned above. In their case, the speed and top speed ranges may need to be smaller and lower respectively. Some manufacturers go out of their way to give the hoverboards some sleek features and added advantages of a GPS for ease of tracking and a remotely controlled key for turning them on and off. So, depending on your personal taste and circumstances, you may consider incurring the added cost in order to access a modified hoverboard with these features.

You have a wide variety of hoverboards to choose from including: IO Hawk, motorized skateboard, Walk Car, OneWheel, Lexus Hoverboard, or the Hendo Hoverboard. Each of this has its own characteristics with slight differences in price and so your hoverboard of choice will largely depend on your personal tastes and the depth of your pocket.

The IO Hawk for instance, retails at $1,200, with maximum speeds of about 6.2mph. You can still find cheaper ones at just $316. Then there is the motorized skateboard going for between $1,499, some at $999 and then others for slightly under $200. These boards boast of top speeds of up to 22mph so beware not to fly off right through the window of a building only to land on the laps of a frightened, unsuspecting customer care expert. As a general rule of thumb, kindly invest in a helmet too for your own peace of mind and that of others.

The still-to-be produced walk car cruises at 6.2mph. You might want to start saving some cash to the tune of $800 in order to add this piece of investment to your assets in the near future. The advice here is to approach this one with cautious optimism as it is yet to be tested. The OneWheel, on the other hand, sports a motorized wheel in its middle and calls on you to have amazing courage, purpose and a belief in yourself in order to ride it. Retailing at $1,499, this one achieves top speeds of 15 miles per hour and can go for 6-8 miles on a fully charged battery.

However, don’t count your chicks with the Lexus hoverboard as it was only meant for specific track and car commercials and it’s not in production for the masses. However, you might want to check out its Hendo counterpart which performs excellently on metal sheets by use of strong magnets. With slightly less than $1,000, you can arm yourself with a Hendo hoverboard. The options are now squarely at your finger tips. You need to assess your personal situation and your own specific set of circumstances and make an informed decision. It’s all about your convenience at pocket friendly prices.

After all is said and done, a quick brush-through at the laws of your country will give you valuable information about using the hoverboards in your locality. You might find that it is illegal to ride your hoverboard in public places or footpaths or even on roads and this effectively means that they can only be used within the confines of your own private space or at competitions where prior permission has been sought. Without a license or insurance, being found with a hoverboard on the road can be tricky. The advice that you need here is to check with your law enforcement agencies to ensure that you don’t land yourself in prison for riding in prohibited places.

Otherwise, get a hoverboard of your choice and ride your way to your destination free of charge!

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