Top 10 Eco Friendly Hoverboard in 2020

Trendy individuals and trend-setting individuals in 2020 have been embracing something new and very exciting: the hoverboard. Inspired by the “Back to the Future” cultural phenomenon of Hollywood, the notion of gliding across the land with no manual pushing or effort is something Americans have dreamed of for the decades that have passed since the release of that culturally-significant film.

Looking forward into the future and assessing the merits of how humans transport themselves in various circumstances is ever-more becoming a question of not only the look and feel of the experience but also the cost. Keeping cost in mind and also weighing the environmental impact will assist you in making the overall-best decision possible on which hoverboard to purchase in 2020.

Aside from cost and style considerations, we as an environmentally conscious society, tend to opt towards any options that allow us to care for the environment and the future longevity of the world. These exciting overboard offerings are either available on the market in 2020 or will be hitting the market in 2020. Each offers something special to get the rider around in style, while having a specifically environmentally-positive effect. Which one you choose will have a lot to do with what features and aspects you specifically value the most — including cost.

1.) realhoverboard’s “Eco-Friend Personal Transportation” — $2995 and up.

Going by the name “Hoverboard,” this product is leveraging a unique design and it’s also one of the brands going for the biggest press exposure. Their high-value website is a compelling brochure for the company’s offering into the hovering future. Currently available for preorder and available in a range of options, expect the realhoverboard option to ship in the summer of 2020. Without a doubt, this board is going to be one of the biggest head-turners and instigators of envy on the market.

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The AIRBOARD is being dubbed as a device halfway between a Segway and a traditional hoverboard. The main distinguishing characteristic about this device is the four-fan style that allows the rider to hover at an impressive maximum ride height of 1.5 meters off the ground. Moving by reacting to the user’s shifting body-weight, the AIRBOARD takes this cue from the Segway in this way. The eco-friendliness comes in for this device within the power exercised through the user-app. Operated through a cell-phone, this app allows the user precise feedback and control over all core vehicle information. The AirBoard’s thermal core system allows the device to cool better than any of it’s competition thereby increasing energy efficiency.

3.) IO Hawk — $994:

Self-balancing like most of its brethren, this Overboard offers a really attractive and environmentally-friendly option for potential riders, without breaking the $1000 threshold. The downside of this board is the three-hour charge time, versus the 60-120 minutes standard of many other options.

IO HAWK Intelligent Personal Mobility Device

IO HAWK Intelligent Personal Mobility Device

4.) Zero G 2020 — $629:

With bluetooth compatibility and a price point in the middle of the range, this board offers style and technology without compromising dollars. While not as far as the 20 mile range offered by the IO Hawk, the Zero G does offer a rather satisfactory range of about 10-14 miles on a single charge. Unfortunately, speeds top out at about 8-10 miles per hour which is slightly underpowered compared to some of this board’s peers.

5.) E-Rover — $322:

Definitely the budget option among its class, the E-Rover model comes in under $350 and allows the rider about 10 hours of ride time with a maximum speed of 10 mph. Both stats aren’t stunning, but they are sufficient to get new riders down the road without cleaving a bank account into pieces.

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6.) Leray Balance Motion 6.5” — $499:

Our favorite little nice feature of this hoverboard is the built-in automatic turning indicators. We wanted to highlight this feature to call attention to the service it provides the rider from a safety point of view. Experience a full charge in 90 minutes and then set-off on this board to experience a really soft and solid ride — among the best available at the price point.

7.) Future Foot Overboard — $399:

Garnering incredible attention for the clean and attractive styling on the device, this is the ride for those of us with really big “stompers.” Our big-footed brethren will appreciate this board due to the wider platform and thicker wheels offered. If you are a taller or more muscular rider, look at this board and other possible boards with larger wheels.

8.) Skque 8” — $499:

Known for being one of the easier models to get accustomed to riding, this board has come down in price drastically from the original $2000 price point it held at launch. Riding at night with the Skque is especially safe due to the highly-visible blue LED strips on the shoulder of each wheel-covering.

9.) Locus — $389:

This excellent budget option can be had for under $400 and features, LED lighting for safety during night-travel and is also known for having an incredible warranty. At 26 lbs, riders will be able to achieve a sufficient maximum speed of 10mph on the board. The lightweight aspect of the board will help keep the battery life going longer than on other heavier boards.

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10.) BenchTech BT-S08 10” — $377:

With bigger-than-average wheels and Samsung batteries, you’ll enjoy a safe and sturdy ride on this board without breaking the bank. Imported, but high-quality, this setup will allow at least 1000 charges without lowering the battery capacity. Think of the gas you’ll save hovering down the block to the corner store, rather than jumping in the car each time.

You can stand around and look at the young people buzzing past you on hover boards in 2020. Or, if you are a young person, then you can sit around looking at your peers trying to figure out if they are somehow better than you. They’re getting around more effortlessly and they’re doing so with negligible to minimum impact on the environment. Perhaps choosing one of the hoverboards off our list will get you into the mix and help you feel like a part of the future. There’s a revolution in transportation happening and it’s getting smaller, lighter, more eco-friendly and it’s starting to hover off the ground. Choose one of these brands and ensure yourself a place in the crowd, moving forward, and assure there’s a world to move into by having the smallest environmental impact possible.