Top 10 Best A Rig Rod – To Buy Online

1. SMALLRIG 15mm Rods Pack with M12 Thread Rod Cap Connectors Aluminum Alloy Rods Combination for for Rig Mattebox Follow Focus 15mm Rod System – 1659

  • They are industrial standard 15mm rods for 15mm rod systems.
  • 15mm rod connectors are included. It allows you to connect the 15mm rods together.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Color: Black
  • Both 2 pair of 15mm rods has inner M12 thread on each end of the rods.
  • Includes one pair of 15mm rods 8 inches long and one pair of 15mm rods 12inches long.

2. (2 Pack) 40cm 16inch 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod for DSLR Camera Rig Rail Follow Fucus Cage Matte Box

  • Standard 15mm Diameter, 40cm Length.
  • Made of lightweight Carbon Fiber, Highly Rigid, Lightweight and Corrosion Resistant.
  • Can be Used with any standard 15mm rod/rail support system allowing for attachment of On-Camera accessories such as 15mm follow focus 15mm matte box 15mm rod LCD mount 15mm rod monitor mount 15mm shoulder pad 15mm lens support
  • Net Weight: 57g Each, Total 114 Grams
  • Quantity: 2 Pcs

3. SMALLRIG 15mm Rod Clamp Rail Connector Adapter with 1/4’’ Threads for DSLR Rig – 843

  • Compatible with standard 15mm rods, like SMALLRIG 15mm rod 1053 and SMALLRIG 15mm rod 1051
  • Features four 1/4’’-20 threaded holes, allowing you to attach the LCD monitor, LED light, articulating arm
  • The spring ratchet wingnut is to tighten the rod and re-position in narrow spots where you’re not able to fully turn it
  • Made of aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight, weighs only 40g
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4. NICEYRIG Carbon Fiber 15mm Rod 12 Inch for Rod Rail Support System, DSLR Shoulder Rig, Pack of 2-011

  • COMPATIBILITY: The 12 in carbon fiber rod is industrial 15mm standard, compatible with 15mm railblock support system and other DSLR rig
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Can be used in conjunction with cage rig, easy cheese plate, camera baseplate, 15mm rod clamp, shoulder support rig, matte box, follow focus, etc.
  • REDUCE THE WEIGHT OF RIG: Compared to aluminum tubes, these carbon fiber rods may make you feel almost weightless with half of that.
  • MATTE SURFACE: Silky smooth finish like allows a better grip, like clamping down your camera gear
  • Highly rigid, low weight and corrosion resistant

5. NICEYRIG Shoulder Support Camera Baseplate with 15mm Rod Clamp Railblock for Rod Support/DSLR Rig Cage

  • The Baseplate provides 4 1/4″-20 threaded holes and 3 3/8″-16 threaded holes for standard tripods.
  • Tripod Mounting Plate features built-in rubber pad to prevent your camera from scratching.
  • The unique groove allows 40mm adjustment for balance control.
  • This camera mounting plate can attach to any tripod plate or other standard bridge plate.
  • It could be used to mount camera, cage and tripod. To access the baseplate attached to the camera, cage or tripod, you need to remove the second plate.

6. NICEYRIG 15mm Rod 16 Inch (40CM) Long for Shoulder Rig Rod Support System, Black Aluminum Alloy, Pack of 2-171

  • It comes with 2pcs 16 inch long industrial 15mm aluminum rods
  • The diameter of the DSLR rail rod is 15mm standard
  • This 15mm camera rod is essential for Rod Support System, Matte Box, Rig Cage Handle, Follow Focus mounting on the rods
  • Inner thread is M12 female thread on each end of a rod so that you could extend the tubes with a M12 threaded connector
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy, durable yet lightweight
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7. SMALLRIG 15mm Railblock Rod Clamp with 1/4″-20 Thread for 15mm DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig – 2061

  • SmallRig Super Lightweight 15mm-Railblock 2061 includes 2pcs of super lightweight 15mm-Railblock.
  • Each Super Lightweight 15mm-Railblock-3 comes with two rod clamps for 15mm rods, which could be tightened via 2 rotatable wingnuts.
  • The adjustment of one wingnut will not affect the operation of the other wingnut.
  • In addition, it is equipped with an abundance of 1/4’’ threaded holes for DIY operations.

8. SMALLRIG Single 15mm Rail Clamp Mount Rod Clamp with Long Hole on Plate/Cage/Handle for Rod Extension – 1549

  • SMALLRIG Single 15mm Rail Clamp 1549
  • This single rail clamp can be mounted on a plate/cage/handle for rod extension.
  • Connect your dslr rigs by utilizing the long hole and screws.(Screws are included.)

9. EatMyTackle Sabiki Rig Bait Fishing Rod (7 ft.)

  • Sabiki Rod 7 ft. for catching bait
  • Materials: Strong Fiberglass base with plastic fittings.
  • Size: 7 ft. and able to break down into 2 pieces for easy storage
  • Pays for itself the first time you catch bait
  • Lifetime Warranty

10. SmallRig 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods (9 Inch) for 15mm Rod Rail Support System, LCD Mount, Shoulder Pad, Lens Support, 15mm Follow Focus – 1690

  • 15mm rod carbon fiber 1690 fits for those rigs with 15mm rail block clamp to connect them together with your camera
  • SmallRig 1690 can be attached to a wide variety of available accessories, such as follow focus, matte boxes, also 15 mm shoulder pad, etc.
  • Made of lightweight carbon fiber. Rigid, durable and lightweight rods
  • Highly rigid, lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • 2 rods are included in the package, 9 inch in length
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